TalentCap Social Media Innovation Conference to Tackle SMEs Concerns and Struggles with Social Media Marketing.

The TalentCap Social Media Innovation Conference is a tactical conference to be held on the 25-26th of April 2018 in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The conference is set to tackle SMEs concerns and struggles with social media marketing.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 5, 2018 —

Participants shall discover how innovative global companies maintain their edge via social media marketing. The conference features practical, action-oriented social media marketing sessions from top leading experts and brands. Highlight includes a hands-on workshop by social media coach who has trained 200+ start-ups in the Silicon Valley, US.

The Social Media Innovation Conference is targeted towards key decision makers and C-levels within companies from all industries, covering 20+ different tactical areas of social media which includes everything from video marketing, social media ROI, chatbots, user-generated content to data and analytics.

As a global phenomenon, social media in 2018 has become an integral part of digital communications and will continue to evolve consistently to an unknown extent, at a surprising speed. Businesses are expected to leverage on the high penetration rate on social media to increase brand engagement and win new customers. More brands are getting involved in and relying on social listening tools which assists conversation tracking and facilitate the creation of customizable contents for specified customers. The current social media trends are pointed towards the use of chatbots and live streaming videos as dominant business tools and strategies.

Teaming up with the region’s forward thinking and innovative organisation, TalentCap is pleased to welcome on-board the Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) as a Strategic Partner at the Social Media Innovation Conference Kuala Lumpur April 2018.

Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) is the first NGO from a developing nation that focuses on connecting, networking and fostering collaborations to internationalize Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. To date, GEM has more than 10,000 affiliate members including corporate members and industry leaders, each with prolific achievements in their respective fields of work.

Founded in 2016, GEM aims to achieve its mission by organising and hosting entrepreneurial events and promoting interest in entrepreneurship through education, the press, general literature, exhibitions, competitions, and various other means. Some of GEM’s  most notable events include: (1) ColossusINNO2017, a challenge which sees pioneering entrepreneurs pitch their innovative solutions to address issues within the South-East Asia region, (2) TENxCLUB, an exclusive club designed to recognize high-performing Malaysian startups, (3) GEM Magazine,  physical and online magazine which brings the latest in innovative start-ups, cutting-edge technology, and trends in entrepreneurship, (4) eFM, GEM’s revolutionary online radio station which brings you a plethora of entrepreneurial goodies including captivating stories, unparalleled business insights, and business trends and (5) ‘Let’s Jam’, a monthly panel session which features key industry players who share insightful knowledge, and incredible stories from their entrepreneurial journeys.

YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Irwan Serigar Abdullah, the Patron of GEM highlighted “By placing greater emphasis on entrepreneurship via strategic programs, locally, regionally or at an international level, everyone will be provided opportunities to rise which will ultimately unleash the possibilities of creating jobs, spurring innovation and strengthening Malaysia’s leading position in entrepreneurship.”

Speaking on the progress we have made within the country, Dash GEM’s President, Dash Dhakshinamoorthy also stated that “The time has come for independent and private sector players to synergize and weave the ecosystem together by building trust, collaboration and most importantly, to be able to dream together to make the Malaysian entrepreneur truly global.”

He concluded by noting that “With conferences such as the Social Media Innovation Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, it would give positive reinforcement toward GEM’s entrepreneurship ecosystem with key insights and tips on industry development from strategic thinkers.”

Keynote speaker Alan Cheah, Chief Executive Officer of GoCar presents the topic “Team Culture: How to Align Team Culture to Your Marketing Strategy”. GoCar Malaysia was recently acquired by Mayflower Car Rental, a subsidiary of Tan Chong Group. GoCar is currently the fastest growing legal car-sharing platform in Malaysia located in 80+ locations with 180+ GoCars on the road spread across Klang Valley and Langkawi.

Alan highlights, “Apart from strategies, marketing tools, and knowledge; team culture plays a huge part in leading the marketing direction for GoCar. The team’s values, passion, and vision for GoCar dictates how we choose to pursue certain partnerships, what kind of digital campaigns to run, which community events to organise, and how we communicate with our users. Once we have that aligned, it’s clear to see how we managed to grow the company from 5 GoCars in 5 locations in 2016 to 180 GoCars in 80 locations in 2017. It all begins with the team culture.” Alan’s keynote session shares innovative and inspirational insights on the importance of team culture for an effective marketing strategy.

Keynote speaker Boye Hartmaan, Group CEO of Y Digital Asia presents the topic “Blockchain in Advertising”. Y Digital Asia is a digital performance consultancy in the Mountain Ventures SEA Group. Through their data driven approach, they create measurable and profitable digital solutions and campaigns for clients of all sizes. The Mountain Partners Southeast Asia (MPSEA) is the regional branch of Mountain Partners, building and investing in promising technology businesses across Southeast Asia through its network of venture building hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines.

Boye highlights, “Blockchain offers an ideal solution for all video content creators, from YouTube stars and influencers to vloggers and podcasters to freelance reporters and marketing experts.” Boye’s keynote session shares tactical insights on the promise on having blockchain in advertising, the way to utilise smart contracts with influencers and other stakeholders, and real-life examples of how to out-compete YouTube by using smart contracts and empowering influencers.

Keynote speaker Kishan S., Founder of ThinkSocial Asia presents the topic “Now is the Time for Social Media Optimization.” ThinkSocial.Asia is a social ad blog focused on Asia. Kishan founded the blog with the aim of generating conversations around the trending stories in the Asian World of Social and beyond. His previous work experiences include strategy, performance, ad ops, engineering and research roles in social media marketing. He has also managed social media campaigns for large consumer brands including McDonald’s, Singtel, Lux, Volvo Group, HTC and Cartier. In his day job at Socialbakers, a leading social media analytics firm, he partners’ clients to uncover business insights that help maximize their social media ROI.

Kishan highlights, “Declining organic reach of brand posts has become a norm. To offer yourself the best possible chance to optimize your social media ROI, it is vital to adopt social media analytics using a rigorous framework to facilitate the relentless iterations between planning, implementation and evaluation”. Kishan share tactical insights on a 5-point social media performance optimization framework, techniques for setting competitive KPIs, tips for uncovering content themes that resonate with your audience and key social media metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of your social media content.

Panel speaker Nowrid Amin, Social Media Strategist at IQI Global highlight, “Gone are the days when home buyers would open a newspaper to look for properties for sale or look up names of real estate agents in a phonebook. Home-buyers today are online looking for that house or piece of land they can call their own. It is imperative for any real estate agent to use social media in marketing their businesses and listings. Social media marketing for real estate agents can set your business apart from the rest.”

Nowrid additionally comments, “We often hear complains that Social media marketing doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for you because you are not doing it right – that is the reason behind it.  Most companies do not incorporate social media successfully into their marketing efforts. In fact, they are following the trend of others and quickly become discouraged by the lack of positive results.”

The conference feature includes a deep dive workshop facilitated by Sweta Patel, a renown trainer who has coach more than 200 startups in the Silicon Valley, US. At the conference, Sweta facilitates the workshop topic “How B2B and B2C Use Instagram to Win New Customers”

Sweta will share about the step-by-step method of exactly how she grew her Instagram account from 13 to 80,000 followers in one year. If done the right way, Instagram can be used to generate leads which will later convert into paying customers. The workshop highlights numerous actionable insights on Instagram hacks that can save you time and money.

TalentCap has a vision to become the foremost thought leadership platform in the region, creating unmissable events that feature inspiring speakers sharing their first-hand expertise with delegates. As such, they have gone above and beyond to make this event as impactful as possible.

For those who are interested for the Social Media Innovation Conference 2018, please refer to the below on event details:

Dates: 25-26 April 2018 (Wednesday & Thursday) Time: 9am – 5pm Venue: Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Limited tickets available here: http://talentcap.com/social-media-innovation-conference

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