TalentCap Profile

TalentCap produces quality information and events for the international conference industry.
Our core focus is providing businesses with insights and contacts they need to grow.

Our core activities are to curate content for specific industries and to facilitate dialogue and strategic thinking amongst the region’s biggest brands, influencers, distruptors, and change agents through a variety of different events and channels.

TalentCap B2B Events portfolio has a current target of over 55 events annually including professional development courses, capital market trainings and in-house trainings.Our sponsors and partners are exposed to a highly engaged international audience.

TalentCap Vision

To be a globally competitive and a leading thought leadership platform producer – curating content for specific industry and bringing the widest possible range of regional biggest brands, influencers, disruptors and change agents to our events – especially those from emerging economies – benefiting our delegates, sponsors and partners.

TalentCap Mission

We are dedicated to produce innovative, inspiring, and indispensable event solutions and services that will be actively sought by our delegates, sponsors and partners. Our conferences shall inspire and equip leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary results.

TalentCap Core Value


Attention to Detail


Be willing to stand behind the purpose, rules and goals of the team once decided

Fresh Thinking

Create. Innovate. Inspire.
TalentCap Conferences promotes fresh thinking, stimulating interactions and dynamic partnership.
  • Digital HR Innovation: Strategic Social Recruiting, People Analytics & Future of Work
  • Digital Marketing Innovation: People-based, Outcome-driven, Directly-measured and Digitally-integrated
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Creative Innovation & Tech Strategy
  • Mobile Innovation: Physical to Digital Experience & Mobile First Strategy
  • Cybersecurity Innovation: Digital Democracy, Internet of Things and the X Factor
  • Internet Retailing Innovation: Online2Offline, Augmented Reality, & Future of Retail
  • Digital Governance Innovation: Transformation Strategy, Mediating Role of Trust & Risk Oversight
  • CFO Digital: Leveraging & Managing Technology, The Evolving Role