DMICON To Emphasize Role of Omnichannel Marketing In Transforming Brick and Mortar SMEs

Digital Marketing Innovation Conference (DMICON) will feature talks on omnichannel marketing – an integrated, multi-platform approach that mirrors modern consumer behaviour – as an opportunity for small businesses to transform their success.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 20, 2017 —

Digital Marketing Innovation Conference (DMICON) is a two-day conference designed to help SMEs in Southeast Asia transform their success by leveraging the power of digital tech. One of the key areas that will be focused on during the conference is omnichannel marketing – creating multiple routes to purchase by combining traditional resources like bricks and mortar locations and paper advertising with digital media, including social campaigns, app browsing and purchases, click and collect methodologies, and more.

DMICON has previously published a whitepaper briefing individuals who are attending the conference on the differences between omnichannel and multichannel marketing. At the conference itself, speakers will take a deep dive into the tactical innovations required to create an omnichannel strategy, as well as outlining the opportunities and potential ROI for SME’s converting to omnichannel.

The conference will feature two days of talks by industry disruptors on how to use digital technologies, as well as tactical applications of online marketing techniques, to help bricks and mortar businesses modernize and compete in the 21st century market, which is dominated by disruptive online forces.

Omnichannel marketing is the first of six headlining topics, which also include data and analytics, product research, category management, customer experience and growth hacking.

Speaking at the event, Chief Marketing & Operation of Microsoft Malaysia Michal Golebiewski will be exploring ‘Digital Transformation and How Does It Impact Marketers’ by analyzing the changing roles within the marketing funnel with the goal of customizing the buyer’s experience at every turn. He believes that marketers must create data-driven metrics through customer feedback to effectively measure success and that with the right technology, marketing strategies can be implemented to educate and inspire customers, establishing a lasting and loyal customer base.

Dr Keeratpal Singh, Chief Data Scientist of Axiata Digital will be sharing tactical insights on identifying pain points of businesses using machine learning, social media tools and artificial intelligence, and a variety of data sources and algorithm assembled via Big Data Analytics. “Near real time measures are taken to identify crowd gathering, sentiment analysis, demographic movement through seasonal and random effects, and analyze patterns effecting the different segment of buyers or travelers in predefined areas,” he says on his topic on ‘Growth Hacking and Identifying Opportunities through the Use of Big Data Analytics’.

Focusing on the human element, VJ Anand, Exec Creative Director, BBDO/Proximity will be demonstrating the power of creativity, ideas, and how it can win the hearts and ultimately loosen the purse strings of consumers through connection and engagement of audiences in his talk on ‘The Human-side: Reaching out to Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of Tomorrow’s Consumers’.

These pillars will support a broad range of talks, seminars, interviews and question answer sessions ideal for Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors, Heads of Department, Senior Managers, and Managers looking to harness the positive power of digital disruption for their own businesses.

A spokesperson for DMICON explained, “We are excited to share the secrets of omnichannel marketing approaches with delegates across a broad range of industries. We are confident that innovation within the digital sector is the key to creating greater success for bricks and mortar SMEs. With speakers from Google, Microsoft, Axiata, Groupon and more, we are providing an incredible opportunity for business leaders to get insights from those on the cutting edge of this revolution. SMEs in 2017 face a stark choice – adapt or be left behind. Fortunately, we can help them define and evolve their digital marketing strategy for 2018, to help create a more prosperous future.”

The Digital Marketing Innovation Conference (DMICON) will be held on:
Dates: 29-30 November 2017 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Tickets are available here:

About DMICON: Digital Marketing Innovation Conference (DMICON) is a business conference held on the 29-30 November 2017. The emphasis will be on Innovation, Leadership & Strategy, featuring Key Strategic Thinkers representing the region’s biggest brands, influencers, industry disruptors, and business change agents across all industries, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more. For the latest, please visit: