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HUAWEI Gave Up on KPI, Took OKR To Reach Business Success. Why?

OKR is the management method advocated by former Intel CEO Grove. In 2019, it was the first year of the transformation of the HUAWEI organization, and it was fully introduced into OKR management.

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Coincidentally, Huawei and other companies also implement OKR assessment?  Why, because the traditional performance appraisal makes the whole company like a primitive arena, full of battles between you and me.

OKR can inspire everyone’s internal drive, everyone up and down together, fight together and fight.

To understand why KPI is no longer effective, you have to start with the framework itself.

In this system, goal setting is the starting point, performance evaluation is the end point, and process management activities interspersed with performance.

The original intention is to make employees clearly understand the meaning and value of a job, set goals, and find directions until they achieve their goals.

However, in the course of practice, due to the following reasons, it often deviates from the original intention, leading to the phenomenon of performances.

1. Performances: Targets are assigned top-down

For employees, the value of the goal is that it helps employees understand the meaning and value of a job.

To be able to play this role as a beacon, the goal requires subordinates to participate in the development of the target.

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If the subordinates only passively accept the goal of the superior allocation, the subordinates will lose the sense of participation.

I think that I am only a tool to complete the goal of the superior, just a chess piece, which is randomly controlled, thus lacking the sense of ownership.

This situation is accompanied by an increase in the size of the enterprise and a deepening of the organizational hierarchy, and its silo effect will be more serious.

The traditional organizational structure is as follows.

Give up the KPI assessment, why did Huawei Xibei introduce the OKR assessment?

If the goal of the first level organization is to build a great church.

Then the goal of the second-level organization may be: to build a prayer room.

By the third grade organization there , the goal might be: to build a very strong foundation.

To the staff there , the target may become: dig a length and width of 20 meters within 10 days, about 10 meters deep in the ground.

Through the decomposition of this level of goals, to the staff, there is no great significance behind the matter.

2. Performance coaching is equivalent to progress monitoring

In performance implementation and performance coaching, supervisors and subordinates should have more interaction.

Supervisors provide counseling and resource support to their subordinates to help subordinates better achieve their goals and improve performance.

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However, more and more enterprises, due to excessive pursuit of efficiency, have turned the entire performance coaching process into one-way progress monitoring and tracking.

The supervisor only knows that he is staring at the progress bar. If he finds that the work of a certain subordinate is lagging behind, he will warn the subordinate to ask him to catch up with the progress by working overtime.

The subordinates are under tremendous pressure to work, and they are constantly driven by the supervisors to meet the progress as the first priority.

They lack the deep thinking and self-awareness of the work and are enslaved for the progress.

3. Mandatory performance ratio

Most companies in the information age have implemented mandatory performance ratio rules and relative evaluation principles.

The mandatory performance ratio rule divides the performance of a team’s internal employees into several grades, and each grade sets a certain proportion distribution requirement.

For example, the employee performance is divided into 5, etc., and the ratio of the first grade is set to 10% to 15%, the second grade is 30% to 40%, the third grade is 30% to 40%, and the fourth grade is 5% to 10%, and the fifth is 0 to 5%.

In this way, both the excellent team and the relatively poor team are forced to apply this proportional distribution principle – forcibly identifying the last 5% to 10% of the team’s personnel and performing the final elimination.

The principle of relative evaluation refers to the performance of employees is compared with people.

A sorting sequence is formed by comparing the work outputs of the employees within the team with each other.

Employees who are ahead of the sequence perform better than the employees who are behind.

Since the result is compared with others, employee A does not need to be more excellent (absolute value), employee A only needs to be a little better than employee B (relative value), and A is safer than B.

In this case, why should A help B? Isn’t B is the equivalent of digging a grave?

Why should A focus on the improvement and cultivation of abilities? A only needs to focus on how to be stronger than B?

Microsoft, which has implemented this system, has an extensive organizational chart on the Internet that describes its internal departmental atmosphere.

4. Strong performance applications

Some companies claim that in order to build high-performance organizations, they reflect the company’s emphasis on performance and apply performance results to all aspects of the company, including compensation, bonuses, and promotions.

In this way, the performance result is actually a code name for material returns.

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The performance results are good, everything is fine; if the performance results are not good, then there is nothing in the enterprise.

This kind of strong performance application seriously ruined the thinking space of employees.

Ren Zhengfei used an image metaphor to describe:

“The pigs are too fat, and even the snoring is gone.

Technology companies are driven by talents. When the company goes through the morning market, a group of people will become millionaires and multi-millionaires, and their work passion will decline.

This is not a good thing for Huawei. It is not a good thing for the employees themselves. Huawei will grow slowly, and even the team will be scattered.

Employees are too rich and too young to become lazy and not good for their personal growth. ”

Therefore, for entrepreneurs, external incentives are like opium. In the early days, employees were tempted, and the stimulating effect was obvious.

But slowly, they found that the same or even greater dose of stimulation, but it is difficult to mobilize the workers to work equally enthusiasm.

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7 Ways to Build Your Network on Instagram Organically.

One way to succeed on Instagram is to network with others who have accounts similar to yours.

Instagram is a supportive online community, one that inspires business and brand growth through professional connections if you show your desire to support other accounts.

It’s a give and take.

Here are the 7 ways you can network and create beneficial Instagram relationships.

1. Start an Instagram Chat

Reply to another account’s Instagram Story.

Specifically, send a direct message to accounts that share similar interests with your brand.

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But don’t send a message that uses heavy marketing lingo or connotations.

Be genuine and weave in comments about the Story or other details you’ve noticed about the brand to show real interest and a desire to network with it.

2. Connect Through Instagram Groups

Join a group chat or Instagram group consisting of accounts with similar goals that allows users to share content they want to boost in Instagram’s feed.

You can find many of these groups, also known as Instagram pods, on Facebook. In these groups, you can ask for likes or comments to your content.

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Consequently, your content will appear higher up in Instagram’s feed thanks to its algorithm, which prioritizes content with strong engagement.

Instagram groups give accounts of the opportunity to work together to boost engagement.

3. Find Similar Accounts Using Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier to find other Instagram accounts that share similar posts. You can find other accounts by searching for the hashtags.

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If you want other accounts to find you, add relevant hashtags to your own posts.

To make sure you are including the right hashtags in your posts, do a search and see what hashtags other accounts are using.

4. Tag Friends

Tag a new friend or Instagram contact in the comments section of an inspirational quote or silly meme to establish rapport.

It’s a fun and relaxed way to network with similar accounts.

5. Use Explore

Instagram’s Explore uses an algorithm that highlights accounts you should be following. It’s a great starting point for all Instagram networking.

Take advantage of the resource and network away.

6.  Comment on Posts

To attract the attention of accounts that you want to network with, make your presence known by commenting on their posts.

If you do this frequently, the brand will notice your interest and loyalty to its account.

After you establish your presence, you can then send the brand a private message.

Brands will be more receptive to hearing out other users who have already interacted with them in the past.

7. Follow the Account

Sometimes, if you follow an account, that account will follow you back. This is especially true for accounts with a small following.

Happy Insta-Networking! For more cool tips on building your brand on Instagram, please do follow our page.

Why Mobile Advertising is the Most Effecient Marketing Channel for Local Business Despite of Its Fragmented Formats and Standards?

Why Mobile Advertising is the Most Effecient Marketing Channel for Local Business Despite of Its Fragmented Formats and Standards.


The switch from desktops to smartphones, hiking growth of smartphone users globally, makes mobile advertising the new shining star of the marketing.

Now every marketer goal is lure their target audience with various mobile advertising strategies, to ease of the competition and ensure their business stays up in the game.

This article is going help you with that. We will looks in why mobile advertising is extremely important especially for local business, how it helps your business to grow along with tips to help you improve your mobile advertising strategies.


1) Google predicted that mobile search will push 19% more calls to businesses.

2) More calls are getting routed through mobile, and fewer on web search results.

3) A majority of mobile users are looking for what they need nearby their current location.

4) Smartphone users spend the most time making purchases online in comparison to desktop users.

5) 50% of mobile users who do a local search will visit a store within one day, and 18% of those will make the purchase.

6) 30% of mobile users click on the first return search result which can guarantee you at least a 30% of traffic for that search.


1) Create an emotional bond with the target audience.

Every marketers aim is to touch the hearts and minds of their audience, Yahoo has found that mobile ads achieve a more emotional response than traditional television spots.

Thus mobile provides you an appropriate channel to connect on a personal level with your audience and generate a long term relationship with the customer.

2) Direct ads precisely to the relevant group of audience.

For example if you are selling a cosmetic product specific to young women, while using a traditional media you cannot direct your ads specifically to young women population but the same is indeed possible in mobile.

Mobile advertising makes information delivery simple, understandable, appropriate and relevant.

3) Target your audience segment worldwide.

With more and more number of people shifting to smartphones, the mobile inventory is increasing by leaps and bounds every year.

The easiest, affordable and quickest way to target large population today is by buying mobile inventory.

4) Save money while creating brand awareness.

While it ensures that people viewed your ad-impressions, it is comparatively less expensive than any other traditional media.

By effective usage of frequency capping feature, a brand can decide on how many times they want their ads to be visible.

5) Improve your brand’s customer service.

The top reason customers don’t shop in stores is because of poor customer service.

This is an issue that can be solved with mobile advertising for example you can respond to issues via social media, online help desk, or you can even contact the customer face to face via Skype or FaceTime.

Great service and customer support often leads to positive word of mouth which is what a local business need to grow big.


  1. Use geo data and predictive analytics tools to reach more users even when they are on the go.
  2. Enhance the flexibility of ads by adjusting the sizes of the ads to different sizes of mobile screens.  
  3. Encourage in-ad sign-ups for email or offer claiming which increases click through rates.
  4. Do a background research of you target audience then start making mobile ad to ensure a reasonable and repeatable business growth.
  5. Make sure to time your campaign according to when you want a user to take an action.
  6. Provide attractive incentives like complimentary coupons or discount that are effective when the user being within a certain radius of a store or experience.
  7. Explore the wide range of ad formats like banner, video, rewarded video, etc. and make sure you are using the right format for the content.
  8. Use advance technology to form a granular user profile database.
  9. Build a solid marketing strategy forehand to reduce Cost Per Action (CPA).
  10. Provide a phone number for users to click and call, all they have to do when they see your ad is tap on the phone number. It is very user friendly and a great lead for you

How Marketers Can Use Influencer Marketing for a Higher ROI Even Without A Big Budget or Large Customer Base?

How Marketers Can Use Influencer Marketing for a Higher ROI Even Without A Big Budget or Large Customer Base?


Influencer marketing is not new and in fact, it’s has been around for many years now.

It is the process of identifying the right person or people who can create a high impact and engaging conversations with customers about your brand, products or services.

Unlike like celebrity endorsement, influencer could be anyone and it does not revolve around the idea of paying someone money to promote.

What makes them influential is their large followings on the web and social media.


Despite the value of influence over customers is not a novel concept in marketing but as online customer conversations continue to evolve so drastically today, influencers are playing a critical role in helping marketers.

They have broken online clutter creating relevant customer dialogue and bringing trust to the table for brands and marketers alike hence creating a wide range of customer base.  

They offers brands the potential to unify their marketing, PR, sales, product, digital marketing, and social media through powerful and relevant relationship-based communication.


  1. According to eMarketer, influencer marketing is rated as the fastest growing online customer acquisition with 81% of marketer acknowledged influencer engagements were effective for their sales growth.
  2. Report by Neilsen says, 83% of consumer trust recommendations and 66%consumer trust opinion posted online.
  3. Based on Google Click Rate result, 25% of search result for large brands are generated by social media posts from user accounts.
  4. Forbes said, 37% of customers are most likely to remain loyal when inspired by mouth to mouth marketing.
  5. Research by Tecnorati shows that, 54% of marketers agree that niche communities allow for more influence.
  6. According to Facebook, 70% of the total time spent on social media are consumer below the age of 32.


1. Your brand will lose its trust and credibility.

With the increase in social media activities your brand is what the consumer thinks of it. This can easily be changed with influencer marketing. Consumers trust the content and recommendations the influencers post.

2. You won’t have a opinion leader to speak to your target audience.

Opinion leaders here are the influencers where the consumers get an honest opinion without one you cannot target a group that are interested in your products.

3. Your social media growth will be stagned.

Social media channels are the key to sales today and are where influencers mostly connect with consumers.  This marketing strategy is essential for a brands marketing strategy.

4. You will Lose customer and won’t be able to make new ones.

Because more people are now days blocking your advertisement on the Internet. So, stop wasting your money on ads that you consumers block and focus on channels that people trust and as mentioned before, consumers trust influencers.


1. Align your marketing strategy to your business goal.

  • Create and develop a campaign around one business goal that you want to achieve using the influencer.
  • The goal could be to increase brand awareness, generate more sales or leads and so on.

2. Consider your brand and have a game plan before you seek out for an influencers.

  • First consider the scope your industries have for influencer.
  • Fashion and beauty brands are already using influencer marketing, with 60% having a strategy in place.
  • Other brands that work well with influencer marketing include food and beverage, technology, and health and wellness.

3. Find the right influencers with proper research.

  • 73% marketers say finding the right influencers is the hardest part of influencer marketing.
  • Once you’ve tapped someone to share your products, that person becomes an extension of your brand.
  • So, investigate an influencer’s previous posts to determine that they’ll be a good reflection of your brand’s mission and vision.
  • While you can afford to work with influencers that don’t have large followings, you may never recover from a social media blunder.

4. Do not merely choose someone to influence based on the number of followers.

  • While a social media celebrity might be the ideal influencer on paper, look beyond the A-list.
  • Remember that 72% consumers  say that relevancy of a brand is more important than number of likes.
  • If your influencers are reaching the target market for your brand, then you’ve hit the jackpot, so the size of their  audience does not matter.

5. Track your metrics to know the success of the campaign

  • You can’t make changes if you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Google Analytics and other automated software show you exactly where your traffic is coming from.
  • If one of your influencers isn’t producing results, you’ll know early enough to make necessary adjustments to your campaigns.

6. Give full freedom of speech and opinion to your influencer

  • Once you’ve determined your influencer that matches your brand standards let that influencer fly free.
  • An influencer will speak about not just the good but also the bad because their job is not to promote your product but the share their experience.
  • If you try to impose rules and regulations, the credibility is gone.
  • Worse, you might dampen the spirit of that influencer’s posts, which means their followers won’t engage anymore.

7. Make use of your online paid ads to amplify content

  • Do not ignore all your other ads instead make use of it to maximize to use of your social media platforms.
  • Those data can provide you informations such as number of scrappy users, competitor’s insights and so on.
  • With those informations you can create a better campaign with your influencer.

8. Borrow their reach to widen your reach.

  • This is the best way to use influencer marketing today.
  • The best influencer marketing does not involve financial compensation. Instead, it requires understanding that influencers want to be recognized too.
  • So offer them your product and service in return connect with the fan base.

9. Have access to valuable information of their followers (potential customer).

  • Always be the first to know of any news on your influencer’s space. For example, peak time to post, number of likes, user demographics and so on.
  • This helps to strengthen their influence which then strengthen your bond with their fan base.
  • Plus, a marketer with an interesting, useful product should have no problem finding information and knowledge of value to influencers.

10. Ensure a transparent and authentic bond with the influencer.

  • An influencer speaks about your product not because they are being paid to do so, but because they want to.
  • Because they find your company interesting and the information useful to their readers.
  • By building sincere personal relationships with influencers and sharing useful and exclusive information results in awareness, improved perception and action.