4 Tips to Get the Most Traffic to Your Instagram Through Live Video.

1. Plan Out the Framework of Your Video.

While it’s important to be authentic and true to your brand, you don’t want to reach the point where you’re asking yourself, “What now?” Also read: 7 Ways to Build Your Network on Instagram Organically. Plan out the basic structure of how you will run your Instagram Live by focusing on the 5 Ws and H:
  • Who are you targeting with this video? Who will be in the video?
  • What will you be filming?
  • When will your video start? When will it end?
  • Where will this video take place?
  • Why am I shooting this video?
  • How will this video benefit potential customers?

2. Promote It Beforehand.

Post on your Instagram Stories to build awareness for your upcoming Live video. Let users know when your company will be going live, what you will be doing, and why they should join in on the fun. Also read: The Ultimate 5 Benefits of Instagram for Your Business. If it’s a bigger event, like a product launch, build up some hype by posting various Stories or feed content endorsing it a few days leading up. The more buzz you create, the more viewers you can potentially attract.

3. Be Engaging.

Always keep the tempo of your video high: If you communicate in a bland or boring way, you will lose your audience’s attention fast. Instead, focus on engaging and interacting with the viewers you do have. Also read: 7 Post Ideas To Get More Followers On Instagrams. Check your comments frequently – if someone says hi, say hi back; if someone asks a question, answer it to the best of your ability. Pose questions, and be attentive to their answers. People commonly associate employee interaction with the quality of a brand. Also read: 4 Hacks To Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram. Like customer support, a bad experience may put a bad taste in someone’s mouth about the company itself. Smile often and cultivate a cheerful mood to influence how users perceive your brand. You can even use face filters while you’re live to add some fun to your video!

4. Record High-Quality Footage.

Video quality is the most important factor for 67% of viewers when watching a live video, according to the aforementioned Livestream survey. Additionally, 23% of people who had poor quality video experience would hesitate to purchase from that brand. Also read: 6 Easy Steps to Start Advertising on Instagram. Quality matters. Make sure you are filming on an up-to-date phone in an area with good WiFi and reception. Frequent freezing or fuzzy images can deter viewers from staying on your live video for more than a short period of time. With these tips and ideas for the video, your business can start implementing Live into your strategy. Also read: 5 Ways to Utilize Instagram Live Videos for Your Business. At the end of the day, you should aspire to build more brand awareness and engage with a wider audience with valuable content. For more tips and tricks to build your brand on Instagram, make sure to follow us.